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I was reading a post on thehairpin.com today about a “bold lip.” Specific post here . First, I’d like to say that I love The Hairpin. That site, like themarysue.com, is a great for women by women site. The writing is sharp and funny, the posts interesting, and they certainly don’t limit themselves to fashion, makeup, and jewelry but they have a healthy interest in it (as do I).

Anyway, I was bored and saw the cute/silly photo of Jane Feltes in her bright pink lipstick and thought, “I’ve been all about the dark eye and subtle lip for… forever now.” I’ve always shied away a little bit from bright lipsticks, even though I gravitate towards those colors. I’ve always worried that a bold lip makes me look clownish. But then I read the article linked above and thought, maybe I think I look silly the way this woman thinks she looks silly, which is to say I actually don’t. Just for fun, I decided to go digging through my makeup (I keep a small bag of stuff I use all the time, and a bigger tub of stuff I use infrequently/not at all.) I had a specific lipstick in mind. I bought a Mac lipstick called Rebel years ago. It was a dark berry lipstick, I brought it home and put it on… And I don’t think I’ve ever worn it in public since. It is fun, but strong and dark. Plus it is possible that at the time I was a little young for it. A baby face with dark berry lip can look a little silly. But I’m so glad I dug it out. I might need baby steps (I’m going to wear it to the liquor store later, ha), but I think it works on me now. I also found the lipstick I wore on my wedding day, which I’d forgotten I love. Definitely going to start wearing that again!

Anyway, this entry is pointless, but SnowyHusband is working and I’m bored. Also in dark lipstick I somehow look kind of like the Evil Queen in Snow White, somehow. I think it is the coloring and her tendency to squint at people evilly, which I do all the time.


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