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We have nowhere to liiiiiive! Aaaaaagh!

At the beginning of the summer I told SleepyHusband in no uncertain terms that we were not going to stay in this apartment for another year. It is too small, too dark, too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. I hate everything about it, especially the hideous wall colors they asked us not to change. And the flesh colored tile in the bathroom. Ew.

So when the time came for our landlord to ask us if we were resigning our lease, I said no. I saw a few places here and there at the beginning of July. Mid to late July, I was told, was when things really started to pick up. Then in mid-July I got a job interview an hour away. It went brilliantly and the interviewer told me I’d get a call early next week letting me know if I would get a follow up interview. Needless to say, like most job opportunities they didn’t call when they said they would. I took this as not good news, but called to see if I could get any info. Nope, no one was around. Lots of people on vacation, etc. It wasn’t until the last week in July that I got a letter saying that I seemed swell but they were looking for someone with more experience.

Sigh. Ok. No moving an hour away, time to start the search in earnest. I played phone tag with the agent I’d been working with before. He didn’t seem overly excited to show me anything so I called the main line and found someone else to show me places. He came up with a grand total of 1 apartment to show me. It was a dingy, half in the basement mess. No thanks. All this futzing around brought us to midway through the first week of August. Time to start feeling nervous.

At this point I gave up on this particular realtor entirely (I’d chosen them due to good reviews and the fact that they didn’t really work with the college students since they are a little out of the geographical circles of local schools, hence the places are a bit more “adult.” So much for that). I found a new place and met a lovely realtor named Katherine. She proceeded to show me 5 apartments the very first day we met! Exactly what I was looking for. Two of them were fine but just not what I was looking for. One was another one of those “half in the basement so we call it garden level which is ridiculous” places that I hate. One was really nice but a little remote. And then there was one that I absolutely loved. Sure, I knew that she was doing that realtor thing where you shows you the dream apartment a liiiitle out of your price range. But it was truly a fabulous place. SleepyHusband talked it over and applied. A few days later the landlords, a couple, came back with a big fat “no.” They’d been burned by a pair of tenants a few years ago who seemed like they could keep their head above water, only to find themselves unable to pay bills. Not only that, but they were skeevy about it, took off, and did their best to avoid paying back the money they owed. As a result, they now only rent to people who are very comfortably off. SleepyHusband and I are fine, but we are not rolling. Alas.

Ok, setback. First week of August was over. Katherine was still very nice, but now seemed nervous about the lack of selection. I think she really felt bad about showing us a place we wanted but couldn’t have, so she offered to tear up our application fee. Over the course of the week we emailed back and forth about places on the companies website. While I still think she is trying to find something for us, apartments are slipping away and she knows I don’t want to end up in another apartment as crappy as the one we are in now. That would make all this stress pointless. In the meantime, I became addicted to a website called padmapper.com. The weekend descended into a whirlwind of emailing 21 year old realtors on craigslist with terrible banners that look like they were made in MS Paint.

And here we are. The plan right now is still to randomly find an amazing place for September 1st. The backup plan is to rent some crappy place for a month and start looking for an Oct 1st apartment. Not ideal, but better than settling for a place we hate for another year after this much work and stress.

Friends and family have been extremely generous about offering us places to stay. I would like to avoid that if at all possible. Not only is it an imposition on their space and privacy, but our furniture would still need to go somewhere.

August will come to an end in two weeks no matter what happens. So things will be resolved one way or another. I’m just hoping the resolution is somewhat painless.

Many thanks to all the people who’ve been reading my whining on every social media site I can get my hands on, now including wordpress, for not unfriending/unfollowing/throwing tomatos at me. Especially since this blog entry, while calming for me, has got to be painfully boring to anyone else.


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