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Yesterday I wrote a syllabus for the job I have lined up for the Fall. It is a job I’ve done before. It is a job I even like most of the time. Unfortunately, it isn’t really the job I wanted. I’ve been avoiding writing that syllabus all summer, hoping that when it came down to it, I wouldn’t need to. I was hoping that I’d have full time work somewhere else, somewhere that was going to lead me down the path I want to take.

There were times this summer when I felt guilty. The woman I work under at this job is really nice, and very helpful. She’s gone out of her way to assist me when it comes to syllabi, students, and finding the right materials. It felt sneaky to be applying to jobs without telling her. I’m sure that is a little silly. I’m sure she knows I’d like to have a full time job. I still felt a little bad though.

So now comes the part where I accept that I am where I am. There is no perfect job coming along before September. Instead I will be teaching two classes (I hope, fingers crossed I get enough students in both) and making respectable money for doing it. I’ll probably post on craigslist or something and offer my tutoring services. We really want to move to a nicer, bigger apartment in the Fall so we really have to redo our budget. Not even sure where to start, as we admittedly live paycheck to paycheck and everything tends to work out ok. That isn’t going to be the case when our rent is higher. We’ll actually have to keep track of our money… Ha. We aren’t big spenders, just disorganized ones.

It stings not to have the income from my old ESL job. I liked that job, and the longer I go without working the more annoyed I get that I was fired in favor of cheaper teachers. They didn’t even ask if I would work for less, maybe there are rules against telling someone you are going to pay them $5 less an hour and if they refuse they are fired. I really have no idea.

The last couple days I’ve been cleaning, which makes me feel a bit more accomplished. I’ve adopted a strategy my mother uses to get my butt in gear. She’ll tell herself she’ll do a certain number of things, and when those things are finished, she can stop cleaning for the day. The number is usually high, in the 40s or so. But each shirt she folds or scrap of paper she picks up will count as one thing. That keeps her house, currently occupied by three of her children, three dogs, and three cats, relatively under control. For me, doing 40 small things a day keeps everything pretty much clean. Most of the time getting started is the hard part for me.

I also tend to leave small messes until they become big messes. One dirty tea mug on the table is no big deal, I can get to it later. But then there are two, also no big deal. Then there are three, really should get to that… Next thing you know our entire mug collection is sitting on the table and then it is a big job that I don’t want to do. Don’t even get me started on vacuuming the carpet. With our terrible vacuum and our shedding cats (a definitely downside of hot weather) and too much furniture… I have to berate myself into doing it every two weeks.

So, long story short, my life is just as boring as usual. Our anniversary had some good, some bad. We went to the aquarium during the day and had a great time. Unfortunately, our dinner was really subpar. Bleh food, bleh service, bleh drinks… It was kind of a bummer to have a crappy dinner on our anniversary. We might do a bit of a redo on Sunday, when SleepyHusband has a day off.


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Since tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary, I thought I’d write a little bit about SleepyHusband and me.

We met in college in a language class. It took me a couple of weeks to notice him, since he always sat all the way in the back and, ahem, missed classes here and there. Once I noticed him, I really noticed him. Partly because his hair was long and crazy curly, but also because he was cute and really good at talking the teacher into giving us less homework.

We were both clearly interested, but it took awhile to do anything about it because he was a senior in his spring semester so most of his social life revolved around hitting the bars with his friends. I was only 20 at the time, so no bars for me. Eventually his roommate, who was also in our class and apparently also interested in me (awkward), called and invited me to hang out with them. We ended up at a party, had our first real conversation, and the rest was history.

This was a little over seven years ago. He graduated, but moved back to the area to see where things would go between us. It was big, him moving halfway across the country solely because of me. I wasn’t nervous about it though, it really just strikes me now as being a little crazy. We’d only gotten together in April, and been apart all summer. We weren’t even really “serious” before I left for the summer. When I found out he was coming, however, I was 100% happy about it. Being young college/just out of college kids, we had a few ups and downs. As of my senior year we were together for good.

We moved in together when I graduated after about 2 1/2 years of dating. We were engaged 1 1/2 years after that, and married only 6 or 7 months later thanks to my mother’s crazy wedding planning skills (more than one of my friends asked if she was renting out her services). We spent our first year of marriage in another country. Can’t believe it’s been 3 years, it’s cliche but time really does go so fast. Soon, SH will be entering his last year of his 20’s.

Tomorrow we are going to the aquarium, and then a restaurant. No clue where we are going to eat yet. I’ve been poking around restaurant ratings. We want to try something new instead of the same old favorites. They are favorites for a reason, but the same places year after year get a little stale. As I’ve gotten older I’ve also found that fine dining to a college kid isn’t necessarily fine dining at all.

Like any couple, we have our arguments and flaws. I’m always reading that men want to solve problems while women just want to be able to vent and get some sympathy. It is the opposite with us, I want to solve every problem logically while SH sometimes just wants to complain about something without getting 20 suggestions of how he can fix it thrown at him. Despite this, we’ve been happy together and I think we will continue to be happy together.

SH and I have an in joke together that we have to ask for relationship extensions. Marriage was at least a two year contract, with extensions given when the current contract runs out on our anniversary. Right now we are debating whether we should have a one year or two year extension. Of course none of this is serious, just teasing. But I think the two year extension is looking good 🙂

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Among my bookmarks on Safari are a collection of sites devoted to sales. There are a few of your groupon-style coupon sites that focus on things like dinners, spa treatments, etc. Others are sites that directly sell you jewelry, clothes and so on, and a travel site or two.

I check out the daily sales about once a day, to see if there is anything interesting or affordable (which reminds me, I have a hot stone massage to cash in on). I often find cute stuff, and I’ll buy something occasionally. I’ve found that a great way to keep myself from buying stuff on impulse (I have a pair of earrings or two that really weren’t necessary, and I never wear), is to hand the laptop over to my husband.

SleepyHusband and I generally give each other a decent amount of freedom when it comes to spending. Like many couples, we have a generally understood limit when it comes to buying something without running it by the other person first. If he wants to buy a video game or I find a few books I want, we don’t feel the need to touch base first.

The purpose of giving SleepyHusband the laptop is to ask him to talk me out of it. He’ll point out that what looks good on an 8 foot model is going to be a big mess of fabric on me, or that I don’t even LIKE purple, and I’ll happily move on to stalking my friends’ blogs.

Today I found a super cute bracelet on Gilt.com. For those unfamiliar, Gilt has several different sections (men, women, home, children, travel) where they sell items at a reduced price. Today they were selling KEP designs jewelry. I don’t like all their stuff, but they do have these fun enamel and gold bracelets that are very cute, if a little steeply priced. You can check them out here – http://tinyurl.com/4hoj6sq

On Gilt today they have the elephant bracelet in red on sale. I’d bought a dark blue version with the sailboat charm off Gilt months ago and loved it. But rent is coming up in a couple days, so I handed my computer over to SleepyHusband to talk me out of it (I was expecting something along the lines of, “everything you own is red, it will probably get lost in a pile of the red stuff you already have.” Which would be fair.) But getting back to the post title… Sunday marks the 7th anniversary of the day we started dating. I know it is a little silly to celebrate your dating anniversary when married, but we usually use it as an excuse to have a nice dinner. This year SH told me that it was, indeed, a neat bracelet and that it would be his anniversary gift to me. Yay!

Incidentally, I can always send fellow shopaholics invites for Gilt if anyone is interested 🙂

Today in class one of my students told me that SH and I sound alike. He was subbing for another teacher, so he met all the students who have arrived since he last worked there (he’ll be back working there this summer, which I am looking forward to. Among other reasons, it is nice to have someone to talk to on the commute). According to this student we have the same inflection and use the same expressions (she didn’t say this exactly, but this was the gist). I told her she was probably right, after 7 years of spending more time with each other than any other person, we likely did sound alike (which is apparently exactly what SH said).

7 years seems like a long time, but I think I said that after 1 year too 🙂

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We ended up not doing anything formal at all. We grabbed an early dinner at a good place down the street from us and went back home to sit around and be overly warm. Around 9 we headed out to a Mexican place where a coworker and friend of ours was having a birthday celebration. Apparently, this place does crazy games and silly prizes every full moon.
The highlight, aside from the margaritas of course, was watching 5 people attempted to defrost and don a tightly packed and very frozen t-shirt first. Hint to anyone attempting this in the future: Putting the shirt down your pants does not work. It also means that no one wants to help you pull the shirt apart later. It also means that you get a few feet of room around you when wearing the shirt later… Which in a crowded bar, might be a good thing? It was really fun and so worth going, though Pat and I were definitely tired the next morning. I only did one margarita. It was tasty, but I really didn’t think I could drink two and still even remotely enjoy teaching adjective clauses the next day. And let’s face it, adjective clauses aren’t high up on my list as it is.
I’ve been reading a lot of my friend’s blogs lately. I finally got around to organzing them in such a way that I can easily click through them a see who has updated. I have a list of 11 I read (and these are just the blogs of people I actually know). Which reminds me, if anyone isn’t reading Hyperbole and a Half and likes laughter, go here now – http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/05/sneaky-hate-spiral.html
And or here, especially if you have some grammar pet peeves – http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html
Reading my friends’ blogs, I realized that I never comment. When I was blogging in Prague, I LOVED comments. Comments were the bestest. So my goal is to start commenting more. Instead of thinking, “that is interesting, I bet so and so would like this link” or “i agree, why can’t that person so and so was talking about do this instead of that?” i’ll actually write it instead. I know they’ll be agog with excitement! Or not, but it will offer a slight, “hey, I’m not just vomiting words into the darkness.”
Also, if you are reading (though I’m pretty sure starting a blog and then not posting in it for a couple months means no one is) say hello!
Some pictures for color. Since one of my goals for this blog was to look back years from now and think, “so that’s what I was up to back then!” In that spirit, a computer-taken photo of me without makeup –


Alright fine –

Looking a little manic aren’t I?

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