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Over at themarysue.com, which bills itself as a “guide to girl geek culture,” I found this article today – http://www.themarysue.com/essay-appreciating-the-little-things-pokemon/

A lot of it is pokemon related, but it has some stats in the first two paragraphs about female gamers. Some of them I found pretty surprising, like the fact that there are more adult female gamers than male under-20 gamers. BTW, if you like anything from video games to comics to Neil Gaiman to Futurama to feminism to a million other things, you will like themarysue.com. I’d say I find about half of their content personally interesting, and the writing is funny and engaging. (Also, checkout thehairpin.com).

Before posting my long ass commentary on the Dragon Age games, I figured I’d do a normal post about normal life stuff. Then I realized I have nothing to talk about, heh. Life is fine, chugging along same old same old. I try to get to the gym about 5 days a week (having a little trouble talking myself into it today, but I think I’m gonna get my ass there). TV has been slow and I haven’t read anything new lately, just a reread of an old favorite that was as fun and weird as ever (seriously, read Christopher Moore’s books, they are bizarre and hilarious).

We went down to my parent’s place on the beach last weekend. Friday night was so nice we went to the beach with my sister and some of her friends. They built a fire and we stayed out there for hours, staying just warm enough to be comfortable. Saturday night was much colder, Pat and I took it easy, watching movies and relaxing. No plans for this weekend, aside from getting out and having fun. The husband has been working crazy amounts, so we are both really looking forward to some fun.

Tonight is the first time in about a month people are available for pub trivia, which I’m excited about. Pat can’t go, unfortunately, due to the aforementioned working a lot thing. But I haven’t seen some of these friends in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to catching up (and in the case of two of them, hearing about their trip to Aruba, jealous!).

Classes have been going fairly smoothly. Worked Good Will Hunting into my freshman English class, and they’ll be writing reviews of the movie, which I look forward to reading. My ESL classes are fine, if a bit small. The trade off is generally that it is much easier to provide personal attention and guidance in small classes, but it can be much harder to keep the energy level up without many kids. I think we are managing pretty well, but those last 15 minutes before lunch can be a killer.

Last night I hit up a local Indian place with my sister (different sister than last weekend, I have two). I know this makes me so boring, but I always order their Chicken Tikka Masala because I just love it. And the garlic nan is killer. One of these days I’ll go and order something new and crazy that I’ve never tried before, but when it comes to restaurants I frequent, I usually opt for the “don’t mess with a good thing” order.

That’s about it, not much of interest. And if I don’t go to the gym now, I’m not going to get to it before trivia, so off I go!


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The Gym

I joined the gym earlier this month after stalling out a bit with just diet. Or maybe I should start at the beginning.

I started a diet in… May? I think? After 8 months of unemployment, a cold winter (is there any other kind here?), and an enthusiastic return to the food of the United States I was not looking good. I’m pleasantly plump most of the time, but this was a new low. Or high. Due to the fact that I can’t cook and I love convenience, I decided to do Jenny Craig. The microwavable meals, breakfast bars, and surprisingly good frozen chocolate cheesecake would help me lose weight without having to learn how to make time for food and cook healthy. I course I would have to learn those things or my weight loss would just be temporary, but it took some of the intimidation factor out of it that I didn’t have to do it all at the same time.

I lost about 25 pounds very quickly, probably in about three months. And, sadly, here I sit. The fall was not a great time food-wise. As you can probably guess, the appeal of microwavable food wears off fairly quickly. A dinner out here and a “what can one pizza night hurt” there, and the Jenny Craig diet loses its effectiveness, big time. Holidays, new jobs, etc… Long story short, I didn’t get to working on the whole sustainable, long term plan thing until this month.

But first, I had to gear up. First stop, sports bra. Hell on earth. Seriously. I am not a small-chested girl, to say the least. Wedging myself into too-small sports bras in a dressing room that has possibly the most unflattering lighting ever nearly soured me on working out ever again. The one that fit the best looked awful and I practically dislocated my shoulder trying to put it on. But in the end I couldn’t take it anymore, grabbed that one and booked it out of there. It should be noted that when I put it on for the first time outside the dressing room, it was fine. I think I had worked myself up into a mini hysteria.

I also tried to find a shirt. Try finding a shirt in a sporting goods store that has sleeves. I dare you. Actually, I don’t. It probably isn’t that hard, but I’d already had my soul crushed by the sports bras.

I joined the gym the first week of February. I was ready, time for the next stage, exercise! We spent a weekend at my parents’ place to do some laundry (our apartment building doesn’t have laundry, it is a pain in the arse.) When we got back I went to Target for a second attempt to find shirts that fulfilled my requirements. Sleeves and a v-neck (don’t like the shirt rubbing my neck). I found a couple that would do. I was all set.

Except I’d left my keys at my parents house, with the scanner for the gym. I hate going to a gym for the first time, so putting it off wasn’t a hard sell. You have to wander around looking for the locker room, the towels, what machine do you want, how do you turn it on… We were already planning to head back to my parents’ place that weekend to pickup my keys and some laundry I’d left there. What was another week?

Plan A: Go to rents’ place, get keys, go to the gym Monday. Things came up, couldn’t make it.

Plan B: Sister is down there, coming back up Monday, ask her for keys. Turns out she had already left, no dice.

Plan C: Call Mom, who I’m seeing this coming weekend, ask her for keys.

Plan D: It is Wednesday, and the last week in February. By the time I get my keys the month will be up and I’ll have paid for a month of a gym membership I didn’t use. Time to stop being silly and go get a replacement barcode thingy. This took all of .3 seconds.

JC is designed to have main meals like lasagna, enchiladas, etc. and then have lots of outside food you have to eat to really stay full. Salads, fruit, milk, stuff I should be eating anyway. I’ve gotten really bad about keeping that stuff in the house. So when it isn’t time for a meal, I have no healthy snack food and I’m starving, it is much easier to talk myself into a few slices of pizza with Pat than a little Jenny meal.

So today I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of snack food. Carrots, apples, low-fat cheese, salad making gear, some lean sliced turkey, etc. I really need to learn more about reading labels. Just a calorie count isn’t really enough to know if what you are eating is healthy or not. But that’s a whole different post.

After the grocery store I finally make it to the gym. I walked in thinking, “I’ll just say it is my first time here, ask where the locker room is. No biggie.” So if course the first thing I do is walk in and say, “can you tell me where the gym is?” Ha, idiot. Fortunately the woman at the front desk knew what I meant.

First impression of the gym was that everyone was incredibly thin and attractive. Not a good way to start, but I relaxed a little and realized I might be overreacting. There were the very thin and attractive people, but there were also normal human beings like me.

Then I climbed up on a machine and began pressing the “quickstart button.” Nothing. Stabbed it a few more times. Nothing. No out of order sign, but maybe it is broken? Climb down right as good-looking jocky guy is walking by, trip a bit on the machine. Super. Remember from my old gym going days that some versions of this machine doesn’t start until you start pedaling. Climb back up, put all my stuff back on it, start pedaling, machine lights up. After fussing with the controls for awhile, I managed to get it on a 30 minute program of intervals and settled in to listen to my music and muse on how out of shape I was.

The next problem was the TVs. There were nine TVs set up in a row in front of the machines, each set to a different channel. If I looked straight ahead, my view was between a TV set to the cooking channel and the news. On the cooking channel Jamie Oliver was making an amazing-looking pizza. News it was! But then the news ended and on comes, no joke, a long program about raising money for people in India with leprosy. Long story short, it was incredibly sad (just the images, there was no sound), not to mention graphic. I attempted to go back to the cooking channel, where a guy was now making delicious looking french fries. Back to leprosy, 16 year old girl sobs as they give her the medicine she needs, now I’m tearing up. I tried to look at the TV on the other side, TMZ. No thanks. Next to that was ESPN, which would have been perfect, except turning my head that far wasn’t really working with the whole exercise thing. Looking down at the machine display just reminded me how long I had to go before I finished. Next time I’m going to pay a lot more attention to which TV I am standing in front of.

I made it the whole 30 minutes at a decent speed and resistance level, not quite as out of shape as I thought! I wandered around the gym a little, getting my land legs back and checking out the facilities. It is a small place. The free weights and bigger machines were predictably overrun by guys. No way am I venturing into that area. I can see why some women love female-only gyms. Not that they are staring or anything, but a short chubby girl like me has no desire to relearn to use that equipment in a sea of buff guys. The other side had the more basic weighted machines and smaller weights where I will probably be spending some time once I feel more comfortable exploring.

So gym is a go, now I have to learn how to cook! I started off small with carrots, JC ranch, and fat-free feta (which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be). Next step, actual meals? Let’s hope so, I can’t eat much more diet lasagna.

A note on Jenny Craig: I think some people get down on this program because it doesn’t really give you a sustainable program the way other plans, like Weight Watchers, might. That said, it is perfect for someone like me. I was still eating like a college kid, only worse. Since I had zero healthy eating skills, JC actually helped me learn about how often and when I should be eating (no joke, I spent a most days not thinking about food all day and then realizing I was starving, duh, at 5 pm or later. This, of course, led to overeating comfort foods that were easy to get, like pizza or mac and cheese). But of course one has to realize that one can’t subsist on frozen meals forever. I haven’t gotten to the “transition and maintain” part of the program, so I don’t know how effectively they prepare you for the “real world.”

I will say that I like having what they call a consultant. I do the Jenny at Home program, which means that instead of going in to a center and picking up my food and meeting my consultant every week, the food is delivered twice a month and the consultant calls once a week. You tell her (mine is a her) how much you weigh and how the week went in terms of food and exercise. My person is super nice and encouraging. At first I found her a little cloying, but now I actually feel like I’ve gotten to know her a bit. I think she’s a genuine person who likes her job and likes her clients. She’s in the back of my mind when I make my decisions about food, and it reminds me that there is at least one person out there besides myself who I have to answer to.

I am greatly looking forward to making my goal weight, and I’ve told my consultant that next week I want to start working home-cooked food into my diet. I’m hoping this, combined with the gym, will get me out of my slump and into a lifestyle where I can maintain a good weight and enjoy my food.

Now to pop the fish sticks meal into the oven. Most of the microwavable stuff can be cooked in the oven, so I do that instead when it is an option. I don’t know if it really makes a difference, but it feels more like… real food? And on a practical level I think things are a little less mushy after the oven than after the microwave, especially the fish sticks. Which I actually freakin’ love, ha.

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I would consider myself a normally cheerful person, but today I’ve been obsessing about recent annoyances, misfortunes, etc. In an attempt to stop obsessing, I’m going to write them down and then argue with myself about them. Tada!

I mentioned in a previous blog post that someone close to me got themselves into some trouble and is having some fairly seriously issues. Things seem… Good? Eh, it is hard to tell and not really worth discussing here because it isn’t really the place. All I can do is hope things are really as settled as they seem.

Pain in the ass number two… I might lose one of my jobs. Our tini tiny program might get even tini tinier, and they might have to let me go until things look up again. I of course always knew this was a possibility, but it still makes me sad because I adore that job. And let’s not forget the money… Teachers get a double wammy of a long break between paychecks and all the expenses the holidays bring. I was hoping to plan a trip soon but that’s probably not a possibility with things as they are, let alone if I lose one of my jobs.

Got my credit card bill and was unhappy to see a charge on it for getting our car serviced that I’d completely forgotten about. No late fees or anything, just a bill I’d forgotten to factor in with every other damn thing.

I went to a job fair this past weekend. As far as I can tell, it was a big fat waste of most of my weekend. It is pretty disheartening to see all those schools on the list and know that not one of them wanted to interview me. I know it is a rough time for teachers, but I can’t help but be frustrated. I love teaching, and I really wish someone would give me a shot and get me into a high school English classroom.. I’d go pretty much anywhere in the US and plenty of other countries to get that chance.

My phone is only a year and a half old and the battery seems to be losing charge REALLY fast. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

It is f’n cold! And I hate my apartment, and our brief search last year made it clear that we’ll have to pay at least 3-400 more a month if we want to keep the perks we have here (parking off the street being the most important one) while also getting some damn space. This apartment would probably be fine for one person, but after two years with two people and two cats I want to stretch my legs! I wish we could move back into our old place before we left for the CR (minus the crappy non-draining shower).

Ok, so here comes the arguing with myself…

If I lose one of my jobs… Well I still have another one that I enjoy. And it wouldn’t be for good, they’ll have me back when they have more students. It hasn’t even happened yet, for that matter. If it does, I’ll have a proper spring break! As for the money… Well wah, I can’t go running off to DC or Chicago like I’d hoped. Things will be a little tight, and then they’ll get better again. So is life.

The bill for the car is not fun, but I know it means my car is running well and is in great shape 5 years on. She’s been in a bad accident and come out good as new. She’s also probably suffered a bit from my benign neglect, but she runs well and is handling this crazy New England freak winter like a champ.

I can hope the job fair wasn’t a complete waste of time. I got to meet my placement agent and put a face to a name. I got some resume, cover letter, rec. letters, etc tips I can use. A friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in years was also there, which was a plus. We had a great time catching up, and unlike me he got tons of interviews which was great. I have my fingers crossed that he gets his dream job and, failing that, one of his almost dream jobs. Even if I am not moving forward, it is cheering to see someone I like and respect get exciting opportunities. And it gives me hope for the future, because if my peers can do it, I know I can too.

As for the phone… I’ve been ignoring the whole iphone, droid, etc business for years. I have a decent phone that can connect to the internet and has a few neat features. But when I get my free upgrade in June I think it will finally be time to get a proper smartphone. Now that I’ve decided I want one, I’m impatient, but looking forward to it. I haven’t decided if I’ll leave AT&T for Verizon or not, but I have time to decide. Hopefully my little phone holds out, because it’s been good so far.

Ok, it is cold and there is lots of snow, but as a teacher it means I get snow days. And it was -2 for a few days some weeks ago, and now it is 40. It is also raining, but at 40 it feels like a tropical paradise compared to previous weather. Most importantly, I don’t have to scrape a block of ice off my windows in the morning lately.

The apartment. The damn apartment. Oh right, positive… Um… We get to move out soon? Also, a parking space has been a godsend in this weather. Heck, maybe by September we’ll both have better jobs and do something crazy like buy a condo instead of renting yet another apartment. Ok, probably not. But a girl can dream! And a girl can suck it up and pay more rent for a bigger place.

Whew, ok, much better. I have to get more sleep than I’ve been getting. I woke up exhausted Monday morning. Job fair meant a lot less weekend sleep than usual, then Saturday night was spent attempting to forget the job fair with accommodating friends who bought a few rounds, then Sunday night was the Super Bowl. We didn’t go out partying or anything, but it was a late night once we had walked home from a friend’s place. I’ve been playing catch up ever since and it is making me crabby.

Tune in next week for something more interesting, like a picture of a cat or something. In fact, here, have a picture of me doing something I wish I was doing right now –

What would I give for a teleportation device right now? Gonna get me some good boat time this summer.

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Golden Globes

Last year I blogged the Oscar fashion, and I’m going to do the same for the Globes because it was really fun, even though it made for a stupid, boring post. Ha. But I can’t do most of it in real time, I’ll have to blog a lot from the recording to be watched later due to the unexpectedly exciting Pats-Jets game. I honestly thought the Pats would have crushed the Jets spirit by now and I would be allowed to watch the GG red carpet without Pat objecting. So let’s get started! If you are actually reading my uninformed and repetitive commentary, it starts at the bottom and works up chronologically.

A link to pictures of the clothes I mention here

Whew, that was long! No huge, crazy disasters, everyone played it pretty safe I feel. Time for the show!

Helen Mirren, they didn’t give us a very good look, but her dress seems pretty. Wish I could get a better look at her. It is a yellowy beige with sparkly embellishments on the sleeve.

Tilda Swinton looks interesting, as usual. The top of the dress is a basic white button down, the bottom a satin yellow skirt. I believe she has yellow shoes on.

January Jones is also in red, wow. The whole top of it is made up of straps, there is a lot on display. She has lipstick that exactly matches her dress. She clearly dresses to look distinct, which I have to respect, even when it doesn’t work out. Remember her crazy blue oscar dress? I really wanted to like it, but it was just too much. This one is less “too much” than that one was… But it is still a little crazy. Don’t know if I like it. I am going back for forth. Ooo, the skirt is overlaid with a long fringe! That seals it, i like it.

Christina Hendricks in bright red, looking bombshell. The ruffles on her sleeve are HUGE, possibly too much.

Mark Wahlberg, I find him kind of bland. But I think I’m just bitter because Nathan Fillion should play Nathan Drake in the movie they are making of the video game and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

Johnny Depp looks the same way he always does these days. Glasses, long hair, goatee.

Heidi Klum in a weird multi-colored caftan thing. Don’t like it. She actually reaches down and pulls the dress aside to show leg, ha. It is red and pink and a few other colors.

Scarlett Johansson, pink, sparkly, butterfly sleeves (borrowed the term from the announcer). Lots of detail on the dress, it is very pretty. Her hair seriously looks like she was hanging out in a wind tunnel all day. It is curly and straight back and up.

Amy Adams is in what looks like a navy, blue strapless dress with a big ass fabric explosion at the neckline. It is also a fishtail, pretty and inoffensive. Love redheads in navy blue (if that is actually the color.).

Rita Wilson and Rita Wilson’s breasts and Tom Hanks. WOW Rita. I didn’t even really get a look at the dress because I was so distracted, but I think it was black with spaghetti straps and a VERY low neckline. Can’t decide if I like the look or not, but good for her I guess?

Mandy Moore is in a beautiful blue dress, fishtail. A stunning color on her, it is tight to the knee then it busts out the tulle. She looks great.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. She’s in a pink dress, Armani again for both of them. The bodice has lots of horizontal strips of fabric and one sparkly strap. Pretty, but a little boring. She looks classy and subdued, which is kind of nice from her.

Anne Hathaway is in a brown sparkly dress with big shoulders and long sleeves, I absolutely love it. Love. Armani apparently, the sparkles are discs that Ryan describes as “little cds.”

J. Lo is in a white spaghetti strap dress with a sheer sparkly… caftan thing? It looks pretty from this angle. Yep, a better look during the Ryan interview, she looks great. The dress is flowy and a little Grecian. She has a tiny silver sparkly clutch that I really like and matching big flower shaped earrings.

Halle Berry…. Um… What? Hate. Looks like something one should wear UNDER their dress, not as a dress. Weird corset looking top, mini skirt bottom, sheer fabric over the mini skirt, open in the front. It looks really 90’s. Wonder if I’ll get a better look later. Oop, there she is. Give me the pan up and down E, give it to me now! Ok, hate it a little less on second glance, but only a little. Her hair looks kind of greasy too, which is terrible because she’s got amazing hair.

Jon Hamm gets out of a limo, nom nom. I wasn’t paying attention so Pat actually made me pause and go back to see how hot he looked, ha.

Tina Fey in a shiny navy dress with ruffly straps and HUGE earrings that I think are flowers with blue stones hanging from them. I think she looks really nice, her hair is super shiny and pretty.

Mila Jovovich in a gray fishtaile with sparklies all over it, very pretty. I normally find off the shoulder straps droopy looking, but I like them.

Claire Danes looks lovely in a hot pink sheath. Very pretty, love her simple diamond earrings.

Christina Aguilera is BUSTING out of a nude dress with sparkly lace overlay. Pretty, but she needs to tug that sucker up. And I get a little tired of the “is she naked?” thing Christina always does.

Julianna Marguiles in a black bodice with a pink skirt, I like it, very simple and pretty.

Corey Monteith from Glee, he looks very cute in a tux with a silver bow tie. Aw, he’s sweet.

RD Jr.! Red tie! His wife looks lovely in a classic navy dress with a sexy V neck. Both in Prada.

Sandra Bullock in a diphanous pink dress with silver sparkles making a pattern. Eh. Don’t love, and can we lay off the one shoulder straps?

Robert Pattinson looks sexy, and tall! I love that he’s in navy. I’m not normally that into him, to be clear, but he looks really good.

Michelle Williams, weird beige dress with white flower appliques… Don’t like it. It has a big skirt with strange spaghetti straps with flowers all over them. Ruffles… Eh, the whole thing is odd. But man, just panned up to her face, she is so freaking pretty. Love her pixy cut blond hair.

Hugh Laurie! Love! He, like Jake, is toeing the line well between beard and “why the heck didn’t you shave?” He’s usually an offender that way. He looks very nice in a tux, he’s so cute.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! She’s ALSO wearing emerald green. Which is crazy because it’s been so popular this year and she NEVER wears color. I’d love her to show up in bright red sometime, come on Angelina. Her green is a little lighter than others, and covered in sparkles. Versace apparently. It is that classic, vintage look she likes. Flowy and slouchy (i overuse “y” when I talk about clothes apparently).

New Liam Neeson trailer, I’ve been wondering about this since I saw some posters. Looks an awful lot like Taken, but good for him doing action movies.

Sofia Vergara looks the bombshell she is in red, which makes me glad because sometimes she doesn’t dress her amazing body right at awards shows. Some ruffles, a black belt, and some fun details on the back, like grommets! It’s Vera Wang, I love her, she made my wedding dress. She’s talking about champagne, I’m with you Sofia, I love it.

Leighton Meester’s dress is oddly stuffy looking at first glance, but she is sporting a huge slit and very sparkly shoes that I love. Her sleeves are all the way to the wrist and sheer, I don’t like the dress.

Ryan Gossling… I go back and forth on him. He is cute, but his voice grates on me a little and he always seems a bit sarcastic and pissed off.

Jane Krakowski is pregnant! I didn’t know! And there is Jane Lynch. They both look very nice, Jane K. in powder blue drapey Grecian, I like it. Jane L. is in a shimmery black dress with a neat collar that is half sparkly half not, I think it is extremely flattering.

Mila Kunis is ALSO in emerald green, it is everywhere! Which I am cool with because I love it. Her dress looks pretty, but I’ll have to get a better look. Edit: Better look, it is lovely. She lost TWENTY pounds for Black Swan? Ew. It is one shoulder, satiny, lots of folds. They cut to Elizabeth Moss while they are talking to her for another emerald perspective.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, I heard recently that he is in remission, that makes me so happy, I like him a lot. He looks really good and she looks amazing in emerald green. He asks for the Jets score, yay! Her dress is strapless and has lots of detail and pickups, she looks so beautiful. I love it, one of my favorites. He’s giving a health update and he’s doing well! I love them as a couple, even though the age difference is considerable, I think the older they both get the more they look perfect together.

Justin Bieber – I have neither Bieber love nor Bieber backlash. He looks very cute and young, I can see why teen girls are obsessed.

Julianne Moore is in shocking pink with some sort of huge puff sleeve on one side. Hate it.

Nicole Kidman again, apparently her dress is covered in beige sequins, but it gives it a weird latex look from afar. Keith looks ridiculous. He would look so much better if he cut his hair, he is way too old for that shaggy look. At least he has a beard and not that awful caterpillar chin thing.

Better look at Helena Bonhan Carter and her different colored shoes. She’s wearing Vivianne Westwood, of COURSE she is. Ha. What isn’t there to love? Her face actually looks really pretty.

Scarlett Johansson, what is going on with her HAIR?

Emma Stone, I didn’t even recognize her as a blond! I know she dyed it for Spiderman, but I really don’t like it. Can’t wait until she goes back to red. She’s wearing Calvin Klein, a peach, sheath dress with little short sleeves that I love. The fabric is an interesting matte texture with no embellishment whatsoever. I really like it, in fact I think I love it. So different and flattering! I wish I didn’t hate her hair.

Getting another look at Lea Michele, realized her dress looks a LOT like her Oscar dress, but in pink instead of navy.

Jake Gylenhaal again, he’s cute! That is how you do “not shaving for the awards show.” It is actually a respectable beard, but not too much beard. He looks very cute.

January Jones – WTF? I assume we’ll be getting a better look later but so much breasts!

Carrie Underwood in a simple sparkly silver dress with a lot of skirt. She looks very, very nice. Except she has two little chunks of hair pulled down from her updo in front of her ears, which looks a little weird.

Heather Morris is in a beige, sparkly dress that looks a bit vintage. One of my favorites of the beige dresses, it has fluttery shoulder sleeve thing I like.

Jason Segel and Jimmy Fallon being adorable. Jason is a big man! They are joking about being each others’ dates, hee. I don’t love Segel’s tux

Natalie Portman is wearing a pink flowy dress, her bump is definitely here. There is a huge red, sparkly rossette between her boobs, which might dumb, but I actually like it. She immediately referenced the bump, which is big! I don’t know how far along she is, but clearly a lot farther than I thought. She is clearly one of those people who is going to be a super cute pregnant lady all the way through, but I think celebs are kind of required to. Hmm, she says she is expecting this summer, I would have said sooner!

Lea Michele (how many characters does Glee HAVE anyway?) – pink, De La Renta, lots of big structured ruffle. They compare her to her dress last year, which I loved.

Eva Longoria in a black fishtail (with a huge tail), cap sleeves, and a sparkly diamond hip broach, I love broaches and I love it when people put them on their hips.

I have had to lookup a LOT of these names. I just really don’t know a lot of TV actors unless I watch their shows often/know them from movies.

Nicole Kidman looking bland in beige or white, snooze.

Helena Bonham Carter, not going to get worked up about it. She always looks nuts, it’s her thing. Ok, I lied, different colored shoes, what??? She’s sporting a colorful dress and her hair is its usual Bellatrix self.

Glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal and Jenny Lewis, isn’t she is ex? And he just broke up with Taylor Swift of all people (how did that even happen).

Matt Bomer, so delicious. Another classic tux.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson with a cute green and gold bowtie. Yay for perking up a tux!

Julie Bowen in ANOTHER beige dress. Tons of those. It has lots of ruffly things attached to it, with little sparkly details. Vertical stripes unevenly spaced all around the dress. I like it, but I am always a color fan.

Piper Perabo again, holy moly that bow is stupid. Me no likey. But her very red lipstick is nice and I love her simply ponytail.

OMG, please tell me I’ll get a better look at Kyra Sedgewich, because I lurve it I think, but I need a better look. Another orange dress.

Melissa Leo, sparkly, black sheath with a lot of structure. I really like it, and her hair is in a charming updo.

Sarah Hyland again, love her necklace even more up close, though the dress is not my favorite. Eh,

Haliee Steinfeld is apparently the True Grit girls’s name. Getting a better look at her dress, she looks great. Dress seems to be covered in sparklies on string? As in, they are horizontal and attached every few inches so they sort of hang in a wide u-shape… I can’t explain it. She looks very sweet and I am SO jealous of her amazing hair. Long, thick, and super shiny. I reiterate, I love it when kids look their age on the red carpet, but still very nice and sophisticated. (Dakota Fanning is often a good example of this)

Ricky Gervais and wife, she’s wearing a red, one shouldered Marchesa, it is subtle, I like it.

Julianne Hough – wow, that is some collar. A black sheath with a huge jeweled collar that looks a little she is wearing it for a neck injury, I kind of like it.

Elizabeth Moss – I like her a lot, even though I don’t watch Mad Men. Apparently she was married to Fred Armison, one of my least favorite SNL cast members, and he left her for some super young chick. So I love it when she looks good. She’s in emerald green and I love the color, it is satiny with a ton of folds. It is a simple silhouette and some sort of art deco earrings. Donna Karen dress apparently, very nice and her hair color is very cute.

Dianna Agron in pinkish sparkly dress, snoozy. I love her hair color, I want it for my very own. Big diamond netting (thanks Ryan for the description, that is what it looks like) sort of necklace

Scott Caan – I want to like Hawaii 5-0, I really, really do. But it is SO boring. How many human trafficking plots can one show do? And how many different ways can they find to undress the pretty female character? Boo. I hope it improves, I’ll watch it when I don’t have anything else to do. His hair is really slicked back and puffy. It always perplexes me when men don’t shave for awards shows, it would seem like a no brainer for me. Now they are trying to make him put on a Hawaiian shirt tux, stupid.

Amber Riley, who I think is on Glee, in a lovely, possibly purple, completely sequined dress. I think she looks amazing, but I am a sequin addict, I can’t help myself.

Piper Perabo – “simple black dress, but I can’t really see… HOLY CRAP BOW!”

Jennifer Lawrence again, still looks back and gray to me, her earrings are very large and… emerald? Chopard again, very pretty.

Alec Baldwin – how can a man that funny and handsome be such an ass? He looks good in a classic tux, a little heavy maybe? And is he really going to run for office? I hope not, I love 30 Rock.

Jayma Mays, also from Glee, slinky black dress covered in sequins, illusion netting makes a plunging neckline a little more modest.

We get to see Olivia Wilde’s shoes. Kelly mentioned them earlier, it was very frustrating because she mentioned they were amazing but couldn’t be seen under her dress, so I rewound to see if she showed them and she hadn’t. But now we get to see them, they are crazy glittery and gold and I LOVE THEM, though I don’t think they really go with the dress. I guess it doesn’t matter if you can’t see them?

Jenna Ushkowitz has a lovely dark powder blue ruffly dress (what is with all the ruffles?)

Jim Parsons, who doesn’t love him? He is so fun on Big Bang Theory and he just seems like a really sweet, cute person. His bow tie seems really big, but he looks adorable.

Mark Salling, I don’t know much about Glee, but I know he is on it. He’s wearing a thin tie and his white shirt seems to have lots of vertical pleats on it, always nice to see someone do something a little different, as much as I love a tux

Ryan Seacrest is apparently wearing Burberry.

Julia Stiles is apparently the reason Michael C. Hall and his wife got divorced. Lame Julia. Ruffly black dress, pretty I think?

Sarah Hyland from Modern Family, Beige dress that squishes her boobs a little, but I LOVE her necklace.

Sexy guy from Thor, nom.

Kevin Spacey, classic tux. I can’t get a handle on that guy. Do I like him? Is he a weirdo? I don’t know! He wears a tux well though.

Herm, my TV is SUPPOSED to be HD, but Fugs say JLH’s dress is silvery-gray rather than white. And Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is possibly gray and blue, rather than gray and black. But they aren’t sure either.

Katie Joel, beautiful orange dress with tons of beading on the neckline and straps. Love it, very fun and bright. I also happen to love orange, despite it being really hard to wear. She’s pulling it off. (commercial break time, Fug Girls describe dress as “Tropicana.” Sounds like an insult, but I’m not sure? heh).

Jennifer Lawrence, no idea what she is from. In a very interesting black and grey dress with lots of detailing and ruffles. Love it when someone can manage black AND interesting at the same time.

Oh. My. God. Jennifer Love Hewitt. How can I even think about your dress when you are BRIGHT ORANGE and with your new boyfriend who LOOKS ABOUT TEN? Ok, dress. White, ruffly top, sparkly band, satiny fabric… Boring. Didn’t like it much.

Here is where I mention that I also like to check what the Fug Girls (gofugyourself.com, if you don’t read it… read it). have to say during commercial breaks, do they agree with me? Do they have details I don’t? (like the fact that Olivia Wilde’s dress is brown and not black, as I initially thought, and the ring Kaley is wearing is Chopard, which I couldn’t remember when I wrote about it and couldn’t be bothered to rewind for). Here is the link for their live blog, which is funnier and more informed that mine. http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/01/the_fug_girls_live-blog_the_go.html

Glimpse of the girl from True Grit (which I saw last night and LOVED). She was amazing. 14 years old and holding her own with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. From what I could see, it looks like her dress is lovely and age appropriate. Who could ask for more these days?

Argh, they are confusing me by showing old dresses in a baby bump conversation.

Kaley Cuoco wearing a white/beige/nude dress. Ruffly column, wedding dressy. She’s wearing a giant diamond on her ring finger, but she isn’t engaged, she just really loved it and it was the only finger it fit. Hell, why not? Ha.

Kelly Osbourne looking good, she’s managed to keep the weight off and her black dress is nice. But what’s this… Weird nude section, can’t really see it but don’t love it.

Gianna wearing basic black, pretty, not too exciting though.

Olivia Wilde – I don’t get her, I find her boring and boring looking, but I LOOOOOVE her dress. Black covered in many, many sparkles. I love sparkles. It looks like a night sky. Well done Olivia (but let’s not talk about the giant bags under her eyes.) Ah, it’s a Marchesa. No wonder. I love pretty much everything they do, even though they tend to be a little controversial because they can be wild. Not this one though, it is simple and pretty.

It begins!

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Well this is new

For once I have lots to write about, and no time to write it! I’ll be back with a post full of pictures and stories about the holidays soon. But at the moment, I am just home from London, headed out to see friends at bar trivia (shut up jet lag, you don’t own me!) and working tomorrow morning. Blogging will have to wait.

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