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We have nowhere to liiiiiive! Aaaaaagh!

At the beginning of the summer I told SleepyHusband in no uncertain terms that we were not going to stay in this apartment for another year. It is too small, too dark, too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. I hate everything about it, especially the hideous wall colors they asked us not to change. And the flesh colored tile in the bathroom. Ew.

So when the time came for our landlord to ask us if we were resigning our lease, I said no. I saw a few places here and there at the beginning of July. Mid to late July, I was told, was when things really started to pick up. Then in mid-July I got a job interview an hour away. It went brilliantly and the interviewer told me I’d get a call early next week letting me know if I would get a follow up interview. Needless to say, like most job opportunities they didn’t call when they said they would. I took this as not good news, but called to see if I could get any info. Nope, no one was around. Lots of people on vacation, etc. It wasn’t until the last week in July that I got a letter saying that I seemed swell but they were looking for someone with more experience.

Sigh. Ok. No moving an hour away, time to start the search in earnest. I played phone tag with the agent I’d been working with before. He didn’t seem overly excited to show me anything so I called the main line and found someone else to show me places. He came up with a grand total of 1 apartment to show me. It was a dingy, half in the basement mess. No thanks. All this futzing around brought us to midway through the first week of August. Time to start feeling nervous.

At this point I gave up on this particular realtor entirely (I’d chosen them due to good reviews and the fact that they didn’t really work with the college students since they are a little out of the geographical circles of local schools, hence the places are a bit more “adult.” So much for that). I found a new place and met a lovely realtor named Katherine. She proceeded to show me 5 apartments the very first day we met! Exactly what I was looking for. Two of them were fine but just not what I was looking for. One was another one of those “half in the basement so we call it garden level which is ridiculous” places that I hate. One was really nice but a little remote. And then there was one that I absolutely loved. Sure, I knew that she was doing that realtor thing where you shows you the dream apartment a liiiitle out of your price range. But it was truly a fabulous place. SleepyHusband talked it over and applied. A few days later the landlords, a couple, came back with a big fat “no.” They’d been burned by a pair of tenants a few years ago who seemed like they could keep their head above water, only to find themselves unable to pay bills. Not only that, but they were skeevy about it, took off, and did their best to avoid paying back the money they owed. As a result, they now only rent to people who are very comfortably off. SleepyHusband and I are fine, but we are not rolling. Alas.

Ok, setback. First week of August was over. Katherine was still very nice, but now seemed nervous about the lack of selection. I think she really felt bad about showing us a place we wanted but couldn’t have, so she offered to tear up our application fee. Over the course of the week we emailed back and forth about places on the companies website. While I still think she is trying to find something for us, apartments are slipping away and she knows I don’t want to end up in another apartment as crappy as the one we are in now. That would make all this stress pointless. In the meantime, I became addicted to a website called padmapper.com. The weekend descended into a whirlwind of emailing 21 year old realtors on craigslist with terrible banners that look like they were made in MS Paint.

And here we are. The plan right now is still to randomly find an amazing place for September 1st. The backup plan is to rent some crappy place for a month and start looking for an Oct 1st apartment. Not ideal, but better than settling for a place we hate for another year after this much work and stress.

Friends and family have been extremely generous about offering us places to stay. I would like to avoid that if at all possible. Not only is it an imposition on their space and privacy, but our furniture would still need to go somewhere.

August will come to an end in two weeks no matter what happens. So things will be resolved one way or another. I’m just hoping the resolution is somewhat painless.

Many thanks to all the people who’ve been reading my whining on every social media site I can get my hands on, now including wordpress, for not unfriending/unfollowing/throwing tomatos at me. Especially since this blog entry, while calming for me, has got to be painfully boring to anyone else.


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Yesterday I wrote a syllabus for the job I have lined up for the Fall. It is a job I’ve done before. It is a job I even like most of the time. Unfortunately, it isn’t really the job I wanted. I’ve been avoiding writing that syllabus all summer, hoping that when it came down to it, I wouldn’t need to. I was hoping that I’d have full time work somewhere else, somewhere that was going to lead me down the path I want to take.

There were times this summer when I felt guilty. The woman I work under at this job is really nice, and very helpful. She’s gone out of her way to assist me when it comes to syllabi, students, and finding the right materials. It felt sneaky to be applying to jobs without telling her. I’m sure that is a little silly. I’m sure she knows I’d like to have a full time job. I still felt a little bad though.

So now comes the part where I accept that I am where I am. There is no perfect job coming along before September. Instead I will be teaching two classes (I hope, fingers crossed I get enough students in both) and making respectable money for doing it. I’ll probably post on craigslist or something and offer my tutoring services. We really want to move to a nicer, bigger apartment in the Fall so we really have to redo our budget. Not even sure where to start, as we admittedly live paycheck to paycheck and everything tends to work out ok. That isn’t going to be the case when our rent is higher. We’ll actually have to keep track of our money… Ha. We aren’t big spenders, just disorganized ones.

It stings not to have the income from my old ESL job. I liked that job, and the longer I go without working the more annoyed I get that I was fired in favor of cheaper teachers. They didn’t even ask if I would work for less, maybe there are rules against telling someone you are going to pay them $5 less an hour and if they refuse they are fired. I really have no idea.

The last couple days I’ve been cleaning, which makes me feel a bit more accomplished. I’ve adopted a strategy my mother uses to get my butt in gear. She’ll tell herself she’ll do a certain number of things, and when those things are finished, she can stop cleaning for the day. The number is usually high, in the 40s or so. But each shirt she folds or scrap of paper she picks up will count as one thing. That keeps her house, currently occupied by three of her children, three dogs, and three cats, relatively under control. For me, doing 40 small things a day keeps everything pretty much clean. Most of the time getting started is the hard part for me.

I also tend to leave small messes until they become big messes. One dirty tea mug on the table is no big deal, I can get to it later. But then there are two, also no big deal. Then there are three, really should get to that… Next thing you know our entire mug collection is sitting on the table and then it is a big job that I don’t want to do. Don’t even get me started on vacuuming the carpet. With our terrible vacuum and our shedding cats (a definitely downside of hot weather) and too much furniture… I have to berate myself into doing it every two weeks.

So, long story short, my life is just as boring as usual. Our anniversary had some good, some bad. We went to the aquarium during the day and had a great time. Unfortunately, our dinner was really subpar. Bleh food, bleh service, bleh drinks… It was kind of a bummer to have a crappy dinner on our anniversary. We might do a bit of a redo on Sunday, when SleepyHusband has a day off.

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I was reading a post on thehairpin.com today about a “bold lip.” Specific post here . First, I’d like to say that I love The Hairpin. That site, like themarysue.com, is a great for women by women site. The writing is sharp and funny, the posts interesting, and they certainly don’t limit themselves to fashion, makeup, and jewelry but they have a healthy interest in it (as do I).

Anyway, I was bored and saw the cute/silly photo of Jane Feltes in her bright pink lipstick and thought, “I’ve been all about the dark eye and subtle lip for… forever now.” I’ve always shied away a little bit from bright lipsticks, even though I gravitate towards those colors. I’ve always worried that a bold lip makes me look clownish. But then I read the article linked above and thought, maybe I think I look silly the way this woman thinks she looks silly, which is to say I actually don’t. Just for fun, I decided to go digging through my makeup (I keep a small bag of stuff I use all the time, and a bigger tub of stuff I use infrequently/not at all.) I had a specific lipstick in mind. I bought a Mac lipstick called Rebel years ago. It was a dark berry lipstick, I brought it home and put it on… And I don’t think I’ve ever worn it in public since. It is fun, but strong and dark. Plus it is possible that at the time I was a little young for it. A baby face with dark berry lip can look a little silly. But I’m so glad I dug it out. I might need baby steps (I’m going to wear it to the liquor store later, ha), but I think it works on me now. I also found the lipstick I wore on my wedding day, which I’d forgotten I love. Definitely going to start wearing that again!

Anyway, this entry is pointless, but SnowyHusband is working and I’m bored. Also in dark lipstick I somehow look kind of like the Evil Queen in Snow White, somehow. I think it is the coloring and her tendency to squint at people evilly, which I do all the time.

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Three things about the visitors log that tracks locations on the right of my blog-

1. I wish I could figure out how to block my own IP. If I click on the feed I can delete my own IP to get rid of the clutter of my visits to see what places others have visited from. But I can’t figure out if I can block my IP all the time.

2. I’m super curious about some of the places people visit from. I get some wild locations, and most I can pinpoint or guess at, but some are total mysteries. Feel free to comment if you think you might be one of those visitors. I mean, who in California and Maryland is reading my blog? Is this people searching my tags, or people I never realized started reading? Don’t worry if you don’t want to comment, I don’t mind the mystery 🙂 I just can’t help being curious!

3. The log is the main thing that gets me to write entries. If my friend has a blog I read it, and enjoy it because I love keeping up with them and reading about their fun hobbies, random thoughts, and ideas. So knowing that others out there are using my blog as a diversion and way to catch up inspires me to write a little something. So hi visitors! *waves*

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Kim over at Love Letters to the Library was on twitter sharing tidbits of her old diaries, and it inspired me to go look through my old blog from college. I ended up reading the whole damn thing, and it was fun! Of course, it is embarrassing to see how silly I was back then, but I’ll probably be saying the same thing 5 years from now about this diary.

Of course my favorite entry was posted on April 4th, 2004 –

“One door closes… and another opens. i guess that really is true *huge grin*” Later in that same entry I wrote “guy from my italian class called me last night because his friends in film class needed female extras for their movie. so i went in, and it ended up being me and one other girl and about 15 senior guys. the filming went from 6-9:15. looong time. but afterwards they were just like “thanks, come watch the Duke/UConn game and drink with us in our room.” and i had nothing else to do so i went and chilled with them all night. it was a blast. they promised me a copy of the movie :)” I didn’t mention that it was connected to that “open door,” which wasn’t a door at all but a cute senior who would grow up to be SleepyHusband.

Some quotes that I loved then, and still love now –

Listen, Coop. Last night was really great. You were incredibly romantic and heroic, no doubt about it. And that’s great. But I’ve thought about it, and my thing is this. Andy is really hot. And don’t get me wrong, you’re cute too, but Andy is like, cut. From marble. He’s gorgeous. He has this beautiful face and this incredible body, and I genuinely don’t care that he’s kinda lame. I don’t even care that he cheats on me. And I like you more than I like Andy, Coop, but I’m 16. And maybe it’ll be a different story when I’m ready to get married, but right now, I am entirely about sex. I just wanna get laid. I just wanna take him and grab him and fuck his brains out, ya know? So that’s where my priorities are right now. Sex. Specifically with Andy and not with you. – Katie, “Wet, Hot, American Summer”

“Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all’s right with the world. ”

Tidbits about our relationship –

He called me last night, i’m always in a pretty good mood when i get to talk to him, he cracks me up. we both suck at giving and recieving compliments, so the general gist of us complimenting each other is “you are ruining my damn summer cause i miss you goddamnit.”

“we both just realized that our romance with a nice convenient time limit had turned into something more while we weren’t looking.”

“Why do i have to be so sappy? i feel just like charlton heston at the end of planet of the apes. you know what? its really hot in this computer lab, that is the only explaination as to why i am being so weird right now. that, and i will type pretty much anything to avoid going back to my apt and studying for my exams.”

And of course this –

“i hope i don’t read this someday thinking “oh, she THOUGHT things were going well, little did she know!” hehe.”

Reminicing about my time in Ireland –

“M mentioned the time we got drunk and got really excited about smoked salmon not being as gross as we thought it would be. “this smoked salmon is surprisingly delicious!” adelaide mentioned the time i had to go find my phone in a bar because the bartender asked for my number and i didn’t have it memorized. kevin mentioned the time we spent like, an hour, exchanging excuses not to have dinner with someone “oh, i don’t know kevin, i had a late lunch.” and so on.”

Some more quotes I liked, and it is nice to rediscover them! –

…serious quotes of the moment
5. “Death twitches in my ear, ‘live,’ he says. ‘I am coming.'” – Virgil
4. “A ship in harbor is safe – but that is not what ships are for.” – John A. Shedd
3. “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa
2. “The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” – Isak Dineson
1. “The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” – Alan K. Chambers

…funny quotes of the moment
5. “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London
4. “I try to take one day at the time, but sometimes several days attack me all at once.” – Anon.
3. “You can’t trample infidels when you are a tortiose. I mean, all you can do is give them a meaningful look.” – Terry Prachett
2. “The world is conspiring in your favor.” – Grafitti on the front of MMA
1. “Anything that happens, happens. Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen. Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again. It doesn’t neccessarily do it in chronological order though.” – Douglas Adams

Fun to go back! Even if a lot of it was seeing how ridiculous I was, and how often I used and misspelled the word ridiculous.

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Week 3

Wednesday I started week 3 of C25K. Ow. While my thighs were crazy sore the first week, all the pain has moved south to my lower legs. I mentioned before that I suspected I was flirting with shin splints, but that seems to have gotten better instead of worse. It does feel like every muscle in my lower leg, however, is seriously unhappy. I’m not sure why the pain migrated downward. Maybe when my upper legs were sore I compensated somehow by putting more pressure on different muscles. Or maybe my thighs are just attention grabby and I didn’t notice over their complaining.

Regardless of all that, I recalled something as I was running that might solve the mystery. As a child I was pigeon toed. It is cute on little kids but the bigger you get, the more people just think you walk like an idiot. I have no idea how old I was, but eventually my mother took me to the doctor to get my legs checked out.

He discovered that I had what I seemed to recall him calling twisted tibias. Basically the bones in my lower legs were twisted about 90 degrees inward, leading to my feet turning inward as well. I must have been quite young, because when he told us that I might need leg braces I was excited, probably due to the prospect of being part robot. I was saddened, however, when he went on to say that it was highly likely the issue would correct on its own. He didn’t even recommend I do something awesome like ballet (I got to do ballet when I was a little older. I was terrible. And good thing, it would have broken my heart when I went all hourglass).

The doctor was right, and I ended up walking like a normal person relatively soon after that. It never came up again… until today! So as I was remembering all this I thought, “hey, if my bones are twisted, maybe this explains why I’m a terrible runner!” So when I got home I attempted to google “twisted tibia.” It turns out that I remembered correctly, that was the coloquial term for it. The medical term is “internal tibial torsion.” Then I made two disappointing discoveries –

1) This is a fairly common condition. In fact, if you see a pigeon-toed kid, this is probably the cause. My poor tibia are no more special than my crazy childhood teeth.

2) Research into this condition seems to show that it actually makes people faster and more athletic. So my running difficulties were sadly not due to a tragic case of internal tibial torsion.

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Eye Rolling

I’m rolling my eyes pretty hard at a lot of people/things this week –

People responsible for the work issue mentioned in the previous post

This week’s episode of Sanctuary. The show is cornball as it is, but this week… bad.

Kids who email me their paper two weeks late and think “sorry about that!” will cut it when they haven’t been to class in two weeks either.

People who make poor choices over and over and then complain constantly about the results.

People who take a strong stand on an important issue without actually knowing anything about it. Right down to the basic definition.

Donald Trump, all the time.

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